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Mini Club Westford

Spring 2024 Sessions


The Mill Works

22 Town Farm Road, Westford MA

Session Info

--Sign up for 1 or more days per week--

  • Days:

    • Mondays

    • Tuesdays (Sessions 6 & 7 only)

  • Times: 4:30-6:00 pm

  • Grades: 3-9

  • Boys and Girls

Session Dates

  • Six-Week Youth Volleyball Session 5: 4/22-5/29

    • Mondays and/or Wednesdays 

    • Mon 27th rescheduled for Tues the 28th

  • Four-Week Youth Volleyball Session 6: 6/3-6/26

    • Mondays and/or Tuesdays

    • 4:30-6:00

  • Four-Week Youth Volleyball Session 7: 7/29-8/21

    • Mondays and/or Tuesdays

    • 4:30-6:00


  • Six-Week Youth Volleyball (Session 5)

    • Mondays $170

    • Wednesdays $170

  • Four-Week Youth Volleyball (Sessions 6 & 7)

    • Mondays $115

    • Tuesdays $115

About Westford Youth Volleyball

Westford Youth Volleyball is a grass roots activity program for young girl & boy athletes from grades 3-9. This program is perfect for total beginners looking to try out the game of volleyball to players with moderate volleyball experience.

Our professional coaches come prepared, with enthusiasm and positive energy each practice. We teach the skills of volleyball just as they are taught by our US National Volleyball program. In addition to fundamental skills, players will learn how the game is played and have plenty of opportunities to compete in small, fast-paced games. We're focused on giving your younger athlete a proper start to their volleyball career!

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Our Mission

We make youth volleyball available and accessible to young players in the Greater Boston Area. Our goal is to help our youth learn the sport, fall in love with the game, and be prepared to go on to compete in a club, middle school, or high school program. All programming is run by top college, club, and high school coaches.


The World Health Organization recommends 60+ minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily!  You can help your child on the path to lifelong health by creating healthy habits now.


Our primary objective is to help your child to fall in love with the game of volleyball.  We know they will.  Our positive, enthusiastic coaches will create a culture your child will love!


We believe that safety is paramount.  Our expert coaches will keep your kids safe while learning the game we all love!

“I met Scott recently, when my three children attended the grass clinic at Oak Hill. He is an excellent communicator and organiser and is incredibly encouraging with the athletes. Lucas I have known for a few years both as the Varsity coach for my older children and SMASH U12s coach for my youngest daughter. Lucas is more than an excellent coach; he takes the time to get to know each athlete and provides support specific to their needs. Ruby has thrived from her opportunity to start playing at 9 years old, developing a strong skill set and growing into a driven athlete. For me, the most important part is that my children have learned the life skill of being part of a team through working with Lucas.” 

-Miky Smith


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