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Friday Night Grass Pickup

Free Friday Pickup is concluded for 2022. Coach Lucas is excited to be in full swing w/ high school and sad he can't keep running this. Thanks to everyone who came out. We'll let you know when we can support more pickup volleyball in the future!


Oak Hill Middle School Fields

130 Wheeler Rd, Newton, MA 02459


Fridays 5:30 - 7:30pm


Starting Fridays on Aug 19


Open to Girls & Boys 18 years or younger


Players need only be registered once per calendar year using the registration button below, with the electronic waiver signed by an adult.



What is Friday Night Grass Pickup

- Friday Night Grass Pickup is for girls and boys in the area to get out there and play volleyball!

- Multiple nets with opportunities to play 'monarch of the court' and even some match play. 

- You're welcome to come solo or with a group of friends.

Reg Closed

Friday Night Grass Pickup


“I met Scott recently, when my three children attended the grass clinic at Oak Hill. He is an excellent communicator and organiser and is incredibly encouraging with the athletes. Lucas I have known for a few years both as the Varsity coach for my older children and SMASH U12s coach for my youngest daughter. Lucas is more than an excellent coach; he takes the time to get to know each athlete and provides support specific to their needs. Ruby has thrived from her opportunity to start playing at 9 years old, developing a strong skill set and growing into a driven athlete. For me, the most important part is that my children have learned the life skill of being part of a team through working with Lucas.” 


—  Miky Smith

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